Surplus Blues (Raymond Patterson)

November 3, 2008

Everybody gets the blues,

    And I guess I get my share.

Everybody gets the blues, I guess.

    And I get my share.

If I could sell just half of mine

    I’d be a millioinaire.


I get the blues in my parlor.

    I get the blues in my kitchen sink.

Sometimes I just sit and holler,

    So blue I just can’t think.

I get the blues in my bedroom,

    The blues all round my bed,

The blues down in my shoes, Lord,

    And all up in my head.

I get a surplus of blues

    But the blues ain’t in demand.

And nobody wants a blues

    That’s second hand.
Reading Raymond Patterson today, I remembered a few lines from an old poem my friend Oscar Amaya wrote about Langston Hughes called “I Too, But Not So Well.”

     I wish I could sing brown

     As well as you did black,

     But I reckon I haven’t got

     As many lashes on my back.


I’ll gladly take Patterson’s blues second hand (Oscar’s too) if it’s this artful.



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