In the Canadian Winter (Karoly Sandor)

December 28, 2009

At eight in the morning I am drinking wine
from an improbably long stemmed glass.

My brain is floating, suspended
in a bottle of new dreams.
A recall of your kindness
could not live
in a more reduced circumstance.

Outside the cold has set in.
Snow falls.
Dearest, it’s so hard
to keep my stick on the ice.


Karoly sends me a holiday greeting every December from Vancouver, always admonishing me to take care of my loved ones. He is kind and generous, qualities that also come through in his poetry. His last email reminded me of this poem (and others I wish I could share, including a set of fine translations of Hungarian poets) which originally appeared in Smartish Pace a few years back, but I think I have lived some version of it once or twice. Indeed, it is hard to keep one’s stick on the ice!

If you’re interested, Stephen Reichert did an interview with Karoly several years ago which you can read here.

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