Piss, Etc. (Richard Hague)

January 26, 2010

Younger, among
lean Jesuits and
working Irish,
I was told time was
better spent than
in pissing around,
shooting the shit,
screwing off.
Now, reading a poem
by someone still as green
as I was then,
I pause and smile
over the word
“piss” in a line.

How homely
it is, how
loosely belted,
like snot on a pretty
girl. How it
stands along a road
somewhere hot and
distantly in country,
shaking itself dry,
swept up in a
blaze of daylilies,
nothing but
sky overhead,
nothing on its
but Now:
good work.

Way to go.


This comes from Richard Hague’s Public Hearings, sent to me early this morning by a friend, “Comic Relief” in the subject line. A reminder not just that word play is good fun, but that I have friends awake earlier than I with my own need for relief–of whatever kind–in mind.


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